"...this sauce is the ONLY sauce I will EVER feed to my family!"
- Dena, NV

"I have never been so impressed

with a commercial sauce. Congrats!"

- Alain , Canada

"Wonder sauce. We are your biggest fans. We crave spice and only Dave's would do."
- Ryan, Sergeant in Camp Doha, Kuwait

Thank you!!

"Fantastic product! I have been making my own Habanero based sauces for 10 years but no more, you have exceeded my best."

- Richard, England

Holy Moly!

"Congrats to you for such a nice product.
I have been looking for that exact product
for a long time."

- Nicolas, Montréal, Canada

"I just wanted to tell you that the Ghost Pepper sauce is really good. Man what a kick it has, nothing like the other sauces."

- Matt, CA

So Cool!

"I just wanted to tell you that as a lover of all things spicy, your Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
was a great find!"

- Austin, NY

"Just wanted to give you feedback on how

much I have been enjoying Dave's Hot Sauces.

I must say when it comes to cooking with Dave's Hot Sauce - it rules!"

- Luke, TX


"Wow guys, your Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce just ignited me into oblivion and set the national threat level to defcon delta. An incredible product!"
- Ryan, WA

"I've been using your products for years now and I just wanna let you know that I think your sauces are the bomb!"

- Peter, Sweden

"Thank you for helping make me into the

spice fiend I am! Keep up the great work
so I can pass my love for heat onto my
kids someday!!

- Ian, MI

"I have sampled more than 100 different

hot sauces and your sauce is the best! Great taste - your sauce is the only
one I need."
- Trent, LA

"Just tried your Roasted Garlic Sauce for the first time... it is outstanding!"

- Wendy, OR

Thank you! 

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