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"The hottest culinary experience

known to man."

"Dave's condiments and

sauces are legendary."

"Wow, tasty! Whew - I couldn't speak.
I didn't think anything could be that hot!"

"...the legendary Dave Hirschkop,

the granddaddy of ultra-hot sauces."

"Dave's Gourmet Adjustable

Heat Hot Sauce... cool."

"This highly flavorful, not-too-overpowering hot sauce is perfect for adding dimension to your favorite foods like burgers, pizza, or pasta." [Creamy Garlic Red Pepper Hot Sauce] 2020

Top ten list covering

"Innovations of the Year"

"[Dave's Gourmet] ...serving stellar
Pasta Sauce." " innovative lineup!"

"...the most legendary hot sauce guru."

"Dave's Hirschkop is known

as an innovator."

"[Insanity Sauce] developed a cult following in the restaurant. We went to the National Fiery Foods Show in 1993, and 'continues Dave, as innocent as a character from a Charles Adams drawing, 'we were banned from the show because some guy had a minor respiratory problem.'"

"Honestly, it is one of the best sauces that I have ever tasted. It's like that little black dress, you can dress it up or leave it as is... both are awesome!"

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